Take Charge Of Defining Your Purpose, Gain Clarity!

Complete Clarity Plan To Go From Scattered To Focused.

  • Life-Reflection to Lazer Focus on Your Goals
  • Learn To Turn Wishes Into Goals
  • Finally, Get Clear On Your Purpose

Coaching Session

Get rid of distractions and make the path to your ideal life CLEAR. Go from overwhelmed to connected. From Working Professionals to Stay at Home Moms, everyone benefits from life coaching.

“Creating a beautiful life and teaching others how to do the same is my focus”

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This site is designed to provide readers with actionable, practical advice and tips so they can make tangible progress in a specific area of their lives. The content is organized into several categories: setting goals, mental wellness, mindset, and more. In each section, you’ll find thoughtful reflections, inspiring stories, and useful strategies for achieving results.

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Unlock Unshakeable Self-Belief With These Four Major Keys

Unlock Unshakeable Self-Belief With These Four Major Keys

It’s easier said than done but understanding the power of positive self-talk, taking risks, and having support can improve our confidence to achieve any big dream or goal! Let’s be honest with ourselves, it takes effort to change old mindsets, so why don’t we join hands and start a journey towards success by embracing challenges head-on?

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Unlock Your Potential: 7 Keys to Mastering Emotional Regulation

Unlock Your Potential: 7 Keys to Mastering Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. It requires practice, self-awareness, and resilience. Those who can emotionally regulate are able to recognize and manage their triggers, set boundaries, use healthy coping mechanisms like mindfulness and deep breathing exercises, choose environments where they feel safe and supported, reach out for additional support when needed, and do not need control of others in order to feel secure. Learning how to emotionally regulate will give you the power to weather any storm with grace and equilibrium. Let’s work together to build your emotional intelligence!

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Lucia Stakkestad is an emotional regulation teacher with over a decade of experience in helping individuals gain insight into their feelings and learn methods to handle their emotions more effectively. Not only does she specialize in emotional regulation, but she also teaches evidence-based mindfulness practices that can help you reduce stress and anxiety, build healthier relationships and develop self-awareness. With her guidance, you will gain a better understanding of your mindset, emotions and mindfulness and learn how to make positive transformational changes in your life.

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