My name is Lucia, and I am the creator of Amazing Best You.

Why Amazing Best You?

 I wanted a website that would guide people in finding a purposeful way of living. I choose Amazing Best You  because life is about you first, but the real you.You are in fact BEING, at this moment you are creating, you are here in purpose to be part of this force we call life. Let me help you explore your life through self-exploration.

Self-Development became my passion early on in my life. I was adopted from a Mexican orphanage along with my three siblings at the age of ten. As far as I can remember, I have always felt like I was here to learn and teach.

My Intuitive Side

I am a natural psychic and could quickly tell what people felt, though, and would be like in the future. I never took that for granted, it was a great responsibility. I have never felt comfortable just sharing what I saw, I wanted to be able to leave a conversation or a friend in a better place than when I met them.

My Scientific Side

I can’t just take information and be okay with its source (big conflict with my psychic self). I have to find out the realities behind it. So I read everything I can get my hands on about the brain, our Psychology, and our developing environment. And I am still reading.
 I have learned more from my life mistakes than I ever could from getting things right. Not only did I learned what worked, but I learned what was missing from my life that made it enjoyable.

My Inner Peace

I have learned so much, so much that has put me in a calm, gentle state of consciousness. I no longer seek, I no longer judge life, I no longer have the need to be correct, and most of all, I have learned to just be.
I have decided to share the lessons of my journey with you. I want you to feel connected to your life again. I want you to get your groove back. I want you to stop judging and start being carefree and in love with the life you where given. I hope you find peace here. I hope you stay awhile and discover that we are all connected that we need peace and that a beautiful life is possible.

A quick note:

Some things here will not make sense if you are not ready for them, but if you keep coming back you will soon find that we learn things in phases and the way we go through these phases is very unique and personal. Don’t lose hope, when you reach a stage come and read what you need and then go live your life.
Cheers and Hugs,
Lucia Del Carmen (Stakkestad)

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Lucia Stakkestad is an emotional regulation teacher with over a decade of experience in helping individuals gain insight into their feelings and learn methods to handle their emotions more effectively. Not only does she specialize in emotional regulation, but she also teaches evidence-based mindfulness practices that can help you reduce stress and anxiety, build healthier relationships and develop self-awareness. With her guidance, you will gain a better understanding of your mindset, emotions and mindfulness and learn how to make positive transformational changes in your life.

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