Mental Wellness

Having gone through depression most of my life, I know first hand how it feels and what rock bottom feels like. I never want others to go through that, but if you are there, let me help you. I did not heal overnight, but the way I healed is now permanent. Stay, read, heal!

Things I talk about; depresssion, anxiety, challenges, self-care, tips, and activities…and maybe some spirituality (and science).
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Lucia Stakkestad is an emotional regulation teacher with over a decade of experience in helping individuals gain insight into their feelings and learn methods to handle their emotions more effectively. Not only does she specialize in emotional regulation, but she also teaches evidence-based mindfulness practices that can help you reduce stress and anxiety, build healthier relationships and develop self-awareness. With her guidance, you will gain a better understanding of your mindset, emotions and mindfulness and learn how to make positive transformational changes in your life.

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