The Number One Reason You Should (Do) Journaling for Mental Health

You Are A Valuable Investment

Journaling for mental health is a valuable skill to apply daily. You are the most valuable investment you will ever make, and journaling can help speed those profits. No other person has your best interest at heart. You and you alone can apply the work and make the changes necessary to change your situation, and by using journaling for mental health, you can do just that.

Good News

The good news is that anyone with a desire for something better can become successful, but it takes making a commitment in order to get there! If you want more money, education, or anything else, all you need is an honest effort to do what it takes by applying to journaling for healing.

So if this is true, why do you still sell yourself short and not use journaling for mental health?

Many of us still contain within us a louder voice, a voice that looms above our own quieter subconscious. Without truly digging deep to uncovering that voice and rendering it useless, you will not be successful.

It’s time to turn off the static in your head and become the person you need to be; use journaling for mental health. It’s the best-kept secret to uncover what needs healing!

Many Ways to Journal

There are so many ways to journal for mental health. You can start small by finding a friend or family member who’s willing to listen without judgment and slowly allow yourself to open up more as you get comfortable with them. As you talk, write down what thoughts and ideas come to your mind. Allow questions to pop and emotional moments to surface. Write them all down.

Finding Support

But if the process is too complicated for you right now, and you need something different, find an online support group where people in similar circumstances have done the work. I don’t recommend groups that are just content with reliving the trauma. Find people that have actually healed. Jott down any ideas you process about your past or questions that occur to you about things you remember or don’t remember about your history.

Learning How to Heal

The truth is, when you’ve been through any type of trauma (and that includes abuse), your mind has to re-learn how to function in a healthy way. Depending on the severity, this may take time and support from family/friends or professionals. You can’t do it alone. The more willing people are to help with each new uncovering, the better you will heal. Using journaling for mental health is an excellent way to uncover old trauma and begin healing it at its root.

Look for That Pattern

As you journal and uncover, you will begin to realize that a similar pattern occurs. Deep down, someone in your history (or current situation) comments repeat in your head. Their voice has more force than yours. They hold more weight through judgment than your quieter wishes.

So begin by journaling for mental health and discovering that voice that has been louder than your own. Start by taking inventory of what is holding you back from achieving more, then rank those things from least difficult to most challenging for yourself. It may take a while or happen quickly, but start tackling those things you feel afraid to do before moving on. You can tackle taking inventory by journaling for mental health.

Why You Can’t Let Go

We are often taught that our trauma was all our doing. That those individuals that might have caused it are no longer there and that it’s up to us to let go of the past. But you can’t let go, not yet. That voice is too strong, too real, too meaningful. You have to begin to fight that voice and make it meaningless. 

  1. Who are these person(s)? 
  2. Are they still living? 
  3. Are they gone? 
  4. What was it they made you feel about yourself? 
  5. Did they damage that most tender core self-values inside you?


Here are a few questions to ask during your journaling for mental health:


  • Why am I afraid to try or do this new thing?
  • Who made me feel that this? (the answer is not you, keep digging)
  • Why do I believe that person over me?
  • Begin to journal the answers to those questions without stopping, don’t question the answers, just write.
  • How does this make me feel?
  • What is my ideal personality?
  • Why is this my ideal? Am I trying to please someone else? Or is it truly my ideal?

Stop Judging Yourself

Talk about how you are feeling as things start coming up. Try not to judge yourself or what’s being brought up, and don’t stop writing until you can see that deep, loud voice that keeps you down. Journaling for mental health is not easy; it’s dirty work that eventually leads to huge benefits. 

Here are the three deep-level core beliefs that often get damaged when we are abused or brought up by people who traumatize us. These core beliefs are essential and meaningful self-loving beliefs that are at the base of a healthy functioning person:

  • You Are Enough
  • You Are Worthy
  • You Matter

You are enough. You are worthy of love and respect just as you are right now, with all your faults, flaws, and mistakes in tow. Those things do not diminish the value or worthiness that resides within you. It’s profound how deeply we believe our lies when they have been drilled into us by others who should know better than ourselves.  

You are worthy. You are worthy of the best things in life. You deserve to be loved and cherished, honored and respected for your unique contribution to this world.

You matter. What you do matters deeply because it affects not only yourself but those who come into contact with you–whether they know it or not.” Your life, your ideals, your beliefs, You MATTER.

This is just a start. We want to help people like you confront the lies they have been told by others and live in truth- not only for your sake but so that those around you can enjoy what life with You could look like.

“If there ever was an investment to make, it is in you,” Lucia.

Make Yourself the Priority

I wholeheartedly believe this. Helping you clear your trauma is is my WHY. There is a lot of work to be done, and I will do it with you. I encourage you to make yourself the priority from now on, start a journal for mental health. Some people will tell you that it is not possible to change and they are wrong. You have the ability to be anything you want if only you would take the time, energy, and initiative to do so.

If there ever was an investment to make, it is in yourself! Invest time to heal. Invest I finding clarity and peace. Invest your energy into positive things and people that will lift you up.

Live In the Reality of Now!

Don’t think of what life could be like if only this or that happened; live in the reality of now! Be thankful for all the good things going on around you right now. Live a little bit more mindfully than everyone else, so you will be prepared when it is your time to shine.

Time is running out. You are the most valuable investment you will ever make. No one can do it for you, but all that is required to change your situation and have a better life is an honest effort! It takes you uncovering who’s voice is louder; who’s voice inside you has you second-guessing yourself. The only way to uncover and heal that voice is to journal for mental health and healing. I hope this article has helped demonstrate what it takes to be successful; if so, please share with others who may need to hear this.


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A former nurse and life long self-help learner, I have a passion for teaching the fundamentals of life. I never stop learning, but most of all I never stop being okay with being taught. I am a mom, a wife, and an awakened soul. Welcome! You are never lost, you are just on a quest.

Lucia Stakkestad

A former nurse and life long self-help learner, I have a passion for teaching the fundamentals of life. I never stop learning, but most of all I never stop being okay with being taught. I am a mom, a wife, and an awakened soul. Welcome! You are never lost, you are just on a quest.

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