Who Else Wants An Easier Life? 11 Habits You Need

An Easier Life Does Not Mean More Work!

An easier life does not mean more work for you; if I have to guess, you are probably working harder now than if you change the 11 habits below.

  • Meditate Daily
  • Write A Daily To-Do
  • Schedule The Important Stuff
  • Daily Load of laundry
  • Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff
  • Clean As You Go
  • Say What You Mean
  • Use Love To Raise Your Vibrations
  • Improve Yourself
  • Do Selfless Things
  • Forgive Yourself For Everything, Including Tiny Things

 Having these personal habits is a must for creating a life that flows, rather than merely survives from one day to another.

You see, working hard does not mean you are working meaningfully. Plenty of people do a lot of spinning. If you feel frustration, fear, resentment, or confusion daily, you might be working harder than you should. 

Here are the details for the eleven personal habits everyone should have down for a more natural life. Save yourself lost time and pain, practice these tips, and I promise you will come out a happier, more productive human. 

11 Habits that can save you a lot of headaches

1. Meditation Daily Helps Self-Awareness (aligns your life purpose effortlessly)

I used to do meditation on occasion. Sorta like a step that would help calm me down, and then I would put down and forget it because it gave me what I wanted. But that is not what meditation is all about. Meditation makes connecting to everything much more accessible. 

Meditation helps you become aware of answers that have been perplexing you. It will give you a clearer path to where you want to go. Meditation is like cleaning a dirty window (your soul) and allows you to see outside. When you can see out, you realize what needs to be done, when, and how. 

Try to meditate everywhere and anywhere. If you find it hard to stay focused on nothing. Try to focus on a word, such as love. See that word and only that word. Refocus on that word. 

This kind of meditation will guide you and give you more of a sense of purpose and accomplishment. When you are beginning to meditate, you often feel that you wasted half or more of your quiet time chasing your thoughts.

After a few months of meditation, I can guarantee you, you will not be the same. You cant be. Your world changes so much that before you unfold your original self. 

If you are not sure if meditation is doing anything. Write something about yourself after every meditation. After a month, the answer will reveal the progression of thought. There is a difference between a person on reflection vs. the person without. You are different, meditation just changes your whole persona.

Photo by Elijah Hiett

2. Doing a Daily To-Do List

Not knowing what to do can cause anxiety. When you keep everything in your head, it’s like a messy desk. You know you have so much to do, but it’s all so overwhelming with it strown about in your head. 

When you write things down, you get a better feel for what is most important. If you are unsure what is essential, start numbering things by importance. Soon you will find that you can’t do one item on your list without first completing another. And naturally, you will find yourself with a pattern to your day.

As you do things on your list, get involved in them. If you find yourself thinking, “yuck this is boring, I hate doing this task!” and let’s face it, we all do. Try to refocus your mind to a time when you enjoyed doing tedious tasks. Yes, we have all enjoyed unfavorable tasks, even for one second, at some point. So take your brain there and keep taking it there to remind yourself that you are in control of the pain and pleasure in your life. Choose pleasure.

After a week of remembering things with love and fun, you notice that things are fluid-things get done without force, they just happen. Life is about removing that force that struggles to leave only love of life. 

3. Scheduling Important Life Events

If a thing is to be done in the future, schedule it. When you plan things, you give them importance. Life aligns and becomes more evident when you see it before you, and you only see it before you if you make an effort to put it there. 

It’s now easier than ever to schedule and never leave your schedule behind. Phones make it possible since we tend to have them with us at all times. I prefer to use my phone over a paper calendar because I find paper calenders too large and bulky. 

Use a regular paper pad for your to-dos and a digital calendar for your scheduling—the best of both worlds. You get to touch paper and stay simple.

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production 

4. A Daily Load of Laundry  

If you have a laundry room, make it a habit to put a load of laundry in. I know laundry seems insignificant after I just got done talking about the meaning of life through scheduling. However, laundry can pile up and cause stress. 

For this reason, it’s super easy to get into this habit, the pure stress relief from clutter makes you enjoy it. And as you might have heard (if not check out my how-to build habits here), a habit needs three things to form, repetition, a pleasure (being done, smelling good), and something to attach it to stick.

I used to hate laundry day. Definitely, I didn’t hate clean laundry, but I hated the process it took to clean and back in my closet. After I started doing a load a day, It no longer holds any stress in my life. Really, It’s one of those things that is super easy to change, yet so life-altering. 

5. Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

The other thing, get rid of unnecessary items, is very important for your life alignment. By letting go of clutter and extra-everything, you allow more room to see the things you enjoy. 

Have you ever just sat in the middle of your own clutter and realized how stress those things make you? Don’t continue like that. Get rid of the crap. Only keep those things that give you pleasure (thank you, KonMarie). I read the magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo, and it really did change my life. I realized how many things I keep around without loving them. And that those things just added to my stress and kept out the things I wanted to put there instead. 

I was amazed that I had 100 pens. Admittedly, I only needed two or three, but somehow I had 100. Why? Well, I did not have an answer; I guess it was years of not seeing those pens. Maybe, I had so many I did not see their value.

Get rid of things and send them out with love. So that you can make more room for more love and simplicity. Ah, I can almost hear myself think with all this beautiful clear space (yes, I have also written about this here, check it out). 

De-Clutter Your Life
(link to post: https://amazingbestyou.com/2018/09/13/how-to-de-clutter/)

6. Clean As You Go(Mindful Cleaning)

How many darn times did your Mama tell you to clean as you go? Mine must have done it like million times. And how many times did I not listen, I think just as many? I don’t know what I was rebelling against? 

Seriously, clean as you go. Be mindful when you come in the door at night. Watch yourself, and you take off your shoes. Watch yourself as you set down your purse or wallet or phone. You have a pattern, so why not make that pattern be putting things away?

I have children, I put things away as I go, but they don’t (90%of the time). You know how messy my house gets? Just imagine what it would look like if I added to that mess. I would always be wondering why my house looks like a disaster. As it is, It looks like a smaller tornado. I can manage a storm but not a tsunami with it. 

Cleaning up as you go, takes only seconds, okay sometimes a minute. But having a cleaning “the things” day takes you an entire day. Keep your day for fun activities instead of “picking up.”

7. Say What You Mean, And Mean What You Say

Believe it or not, more relationships (including those with our children) are destroyed because of a lack of communication. Real communication happens when you drop hate, distrust, and self-serving behavior and leave only what you mean to say or want. 

Go inside yourself and ask, “what is it that I want to say?” “What do I want my partner to understand about this situation from my perspective.” I would also suggest you ask yourself if what you want or need is a realistic expectation from another person. 

There is a reason that in self-actualization (most advanced part of self-development), you become removed from others’ expectations and replace it with unconditional love. Unconditional love allows you to be you, and others to be themselves. When you love unconditionally, you understand that life is about two energies loving each other, and not a singular unit that must move congruently. 

The same goes for your children, you do not own them, they are individuals onto themselves. Respect that they want different things than you and that those things are what make them unique and special. 

Once you understand that you are you, and they are them. Now you can communicate your needs and wants respectfully and appropriately. 

An appropriate manner is one that shows calmly and gently what is needed or wanted. One great rule of thumb is that if a toddler says it, or if you can say it in a lower-age-level way, don’t say it. Be an adult, and say what you mean and mean what you say.

Photo by Mimi Thian

8. Talk with love, see with love, act with love (raises your vibrations)

If you are here and reading my stuff. Then you have probably already come across the term “raise your vibrations” raising your vibrations is science. It has its place in our scientific world. Our emotions run-up in levels called frequencies, if you raise your frequency, you are capable of attracting more of what makes you feel love. It’s a win-win situation when you raise your frequency or vibration. 

Research has been done with healing frequencies and their effects on normal everyday things, such as a house plant. Gentle music was played for one, and death band music was played for another one. You guessed it, the one with gentle classical music grew nicely while the death metal music plant withered. 

Another experiment I read on the frequency of love is where they did muscle strength testing with negative and love frequencies. The test subjects were instructed to think loving thoughts, and their muscle strength was tested by pushing on their extended arms. They were then instructed to think bad thoughts, and again their muscle strength was tested. The arms being held in front of the test subject would immediately give away with negative thoughts, but would hold firm with positive thoughts. This is called kinesiology. The muscle strength of love is way stronger than hate. 

So if love is that strong, why would you mess around with hate. Hate is poison, it erodes at you more than the person you intended it for. You have to think, speak, and feel with love if you want to get out of the lower frequencies and into the creator, healing frequencies. 

9. Self-Improvement (Learn a Language, Art, or Simply Just Do Something You Love)

I am a stay-at-home mom, a higher calling for sure. I have met more depressed moms than I care to mention. Why do so many moms hate and love what they do at the same time? I can tell you, its the loss of meaning. 

Yes, having children gives life meaning, but when you used to have a job, and you were compensated with money and compliment or given raises, it spoke for itself. Now you have dirty hair, jam on your socks, and a tiny mini-you banging on your bathroom door, wanting to see you because they miss you. However, you have been there for every waking part of their day since birth.

The same thing can be said about doing a job you don’t feel appreciated for doing. Maybe you are stuck in a job you thought was only going to be for a while, while you pursued your dream job…yet here you are still at that 9-5 hell hole ten years later. 

You have to do something that brings that joy back. It’s not a maybe, its a have-to. If you don’t, you will lose a bit of yourself every day, until there is nothing left of you. And you don’t want to lose you, you are and will always be unique and needed. 

I can guarantee you you have something that sparks joy in you. Just think for a moment that thing you can do all day and not get tired of it. For me, it’s talking about self-improvement. I can talk about how to enjoy life, give advice, and never get tired of it. 

Everyone has something they love to do; you have no excuse. Get up and do it. 

Photo of a painted blue butterfly by Elena Mozhvilo

10. Do something for someone else, freely without strings attached (again raising your vibrations)

I left this one for last, although I wrote one below it. It was hard for me to explain this since most people immediately think that charity is something you do outside your home. But it’s not. Like Mother Theresa said. (post her quotes below.

So charity starts at home, you can make a change near you, and you will be as impactful as if you went and helped outside your home.

Begin with little things, for example, leave out your significant other’s coffee cup for them. Or ask your neighbor if they need anything at the store next time you go. 

Very simple yet impactful things you can do at home, life does not have to be grand or fabulous, you make the difference by doing small acts of greatness. 

11. Forgive What You Consider Wrongdoing (All Day Long, Forgive Yourself)

Forgive everything you do wrong every day. The moment you scream or say something you did not mean to, forgive yourself. So you ate a cupcake and are on a diet, forgive yourself. Oh, you forgot to pay a bill (pay it late) and forgive yourself. Darn, you made a crappy dinner, eat it, and forgive yourself. 

Now, forgiving yourself is not about making excuses, it’s about releasing self-limiting beliefs. When you allow yourself to make a mistake and come back from it quickly, you remove the fear of failure. 

After removing the fear of failure, you can do and be more because you are not afraid to try. 

When you forgive yourself immediately, you stop living in the past and allow healing to occur. A healed brain is capable of exceptional growth in self-development. You can improve your self-love by merely forgiving all the little and big things you do wrong daily.

Teach yourself and your family to do this, it creates a fantastic love zone. Children are so hard on themselves, and it helps to teach them to forgive and learn. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez


I don’t say or write about things I don’t know about. I’m working on myself, and the above 11 things are things I do daily and without fail. I also might add I have ADD, so in other words, you can do it too. 

One of the hardest things for anyone who has had failure after failure to recognize in themselves is self-love. Please read what self-love is to get an idea of why issues arise and how it impacts you. Self-love is caused by self-judgment, and to be successful in acquiring new habits, you must be kinder to yourself.

Work on letting go of self-judgment so that you can begin to appreciate the real you. When you allow yourself to succeed, you begin to see significant changes in your life. 

Try my eleven habits for an easier life, and save yourself a lot of headaches.

 You are worthy, you are amazing, you are kind, you are loved,

Lucia Stakkestad

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Lucia Stakkestad is an emotional regulation teacher with over a decade of experience in helping individuals gain insight into their feelings and learn methods to handle their emotions more effectively. Not only does she specialize in emotional regulation, but she also teaches evidence-based mindfulness practices that can help you reduce stress and anxiety, build healthier relationships and develop self-awareness. With her guidance, you will gain a better understanding of your mindset, emotions and mindfulness and learn how to make positive transformational changes in your life.

Lucia Stakkestad

Lucia Stakkestad is an emotional regulation teacher with over a decade of experience in helping individuals gain insight into their feelings and learn methods to handle their emotions more effectively. Not only does she specialize in emotional regulation, but she also teaches evidence-based mindfulness practices that can help you reduce stress and anxiety, build healthier relationships and develop self-awareness. With her guidance, you will gain a better understanding of your mindset, emotions and mindfulness and learn how to make positive transformational changes in your life.

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